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Turn Your Home Into a Gorgeous Work-Of-Art For Less Than You Dreamed Possible. 

Do you want to transform your property into a nighttime oasis? Imagine the proud feeling when you see your home glistening like a sanctuary of peace and tranquility every time you pull into your driveway. 

Don’t be surprised if your guests start saying things like “This is so amazing!! I love it here. This Is a Dream Home! ” 

Beware! Your home will be the envy of the neighborhood! Your neighbors may get a little jealous…

Enhance Property Value and Curb Appeal..

Spotlight your home’s beautiful lawn and garden. Enhance your natural architectural and landscaping features.

Increase Safety..

Make guests feel comfortable visiting your home with a well-lit front door and porch with clear paths that they can see at night.  

Add Security..

Protect your family and home. Deter trespassing and theft by showing your home is well cared for.


A well-lit outdoor environment provides an ambiance that brings you a sense of calm and serenity.

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If you’re looking for elegant Austin residential landscape lighting we can help you. Increase the value of your home and transform your yard into a beautiful and functional outdoor space. Illuminating walkways, driveways, patios, and backyards with outdoor lighting can improve both the look and safety of your home.


Upgrade the curb appeal of your business with a distinct commercial landscape lighting design. Adding luxurious outdoor lighting helps to improve your building’s safety for customers and the ambiance of the property. Contact Us to discuss how to make your property stand out with elegant commercial outdoor lighting.

Maintenance and Repair

Have your outdoor lights stopped working?

Good News! Aurora Lighting provides low-voltage landscape lighting repair to homes and properties in central Texas. This includes bulb replacement and repairs of wiring. Our team of expert outdoor lighting electricians know how to find a break in landscape lighting that may be causing your lights not to work properly. 

First, we will troubleshoot the landscape lighting transformer and all other major system components. Once it’s determined what needs to be repaired or replaced we will give you our professional recommendation on the best way to get your outdoor lighting system back up and running. Aurora Lighting is the most trusted name to service landscape lighting in Austin Texas, just ask our clients.

For long lasting performance, safety, and aesthetics ask about our outdoor lighting maintenance services in addition to installation. You may also consider upgrading your older legacy lighting to the latest technology with a brand new low-voltage LED system.

Holiday and Christmas Lights

Holiday and Christmas Light Installation. Let us help make your holiday season unforgettable. We offer holiday light hanging services to homes and businesses so you can spend more time relaxing and enjoying the holiday season while we take care of the details. Decorate your roofline, trees and bushes with a stunning display of lights to really bring out the joy of the holidays.

Robert set a date and time and showed up as promised. He suggested how to best highlight trees and set it up. Wow! I was amazed the difference 5 lights made to the front yard!

Lisa Stolf, March 2021

Robert and his team were great. His recommendations were spot on, and the end result is even better than I imagined. I’ll certainly work with them again on the back yard and recommend them to anyone else who would like to add beautiful landscape lighting to the front of their house for improved aesthetics and safety.

Lauren Lovell, Feb. 2021

Who We Are | The Most Trusted Designer & Contractor in Texas

We specialize in helping clients increase the value and beauty of their homes and properties by creating elegant outdoor living spaces.

Our team focuses on people who want luxurious landscape lighting in Austin that is affordable.

We promise that working with us will help you transform your property into a place that you are proud to call home.

Are you searching for Expert “Outdoor Lighting Installers Near Me”?

You have found the most qualified outdoor lighting specialist in Texas to trust with your exterior lighting design and installation. 

Your satisfaction is our top priority so we are committed to providing excellent craftsmanship with an eye for detail and only using high-quality materials that are fully functional and long lasting.

From concept to installation, our experienced team of designers will bring your vision to reality.

Yes, I Want a Gorgeous Design — What Happens Next?

Initial Consultation

In the initial meeting we will ask many questions to better understand your goals for the project and any concerns you may have.

What features of your home do you love? Do you have dark steps that are easy to trip on? Questions like these help us completely understand the result that you want to achieve.

Lighting Design Proposal

After finishing the initial consultation, we will put together a comprehensive lighting design proposal to include all the details of your lighting project.

Here we will outline the location of equipment, beam angles, color temperature, wire diagrams and other important details so that your lighting installation is seamless.

We follow the highest standards and industry guidelines for low voltage landscape lighting.

Fixture Selection

Selecting fixtures for your project is a balance between functionality and style. Some equipment will be used to perform a specific function while others will require your input to achieve the style and finished look you are looking for. 

Depending on the environment you may want the fixtures to blend in with the landscape. Sometimes you don’t want to notice the lights until they are on while there are other fixtures that remain visible as part of the landscape.

We will consider your lighting needs and design elements when choosing the best quality products for performance and appearance. At this point we will have enough details along with your feedback on fixture style to finalize your project estimate.

Now it’s time to start getting excited about your Amazing New Landscape Lighting Design!

A picture of the front of a house that has installed new outdoor lighting from a professional landscape lighting company in Austin Tx

Ideas For The Front of Your House

How do you determine the best way to highlight and accent your home and property? 

Our designers have many creative outdoor lighting ideas for the front of your house. There are countless ways to make your home a visual masterpiece..

Begin by defining the main visual features in the landscape that you wish to highlight such as: beautiful shrubs, a magnificent oak tree, water features, a stunning stone wall, architectural features, statues, gardens, flowers, and swimming pools. 

Once the key focal points are selected you can start planning to add exterior lighting to other areas such as: staircases, pathways,decks, patios, and driveways. For more ideas Click Here.

Frequently Asked Questions

Does landscape lighting add value?

Yes, enhancing architectural features of your home with professionally installed outdoor lighting increases curb appeal, making it more attractive to prospective buyers when you go to sell it. Recent studies consistently show property owners prefer a home with a well designed landscape lighting system.

How do you layout landscape lighting?

Various techniques are used to decide on placement once your goals for the project have been defined. Some of these techniques include washing, highlighting, silhouetting, accenting, shadowing, up-lighting, down-lighting, moonlighting and path lighting.

Do you need a special transformer for led landscape lights?

Yes, you will need to install a new transformer to convert your standard line voltage for the new low-voltage lighting system.

Do LED lights attract bugs?

LED lights are less attractive to bugs than other lighting options because they produce little to no UV light and almost no heat.

Will my outdoor lighting system need to be replaced frequently?

No, we use the highest quality products so you don’t have to worry about replacing lights frequently. In most cases LED bulbs last for at least 10 years.

What does professional landscape lighting installation cost?

On average a system of 10 lights will cost approximately $3000. We take into account small details and the specific function of every fixture when creating your custom outdoor lighting design.

Keep in mind that the project can be done in phases so you don’t have to forgo the beautiful design that you want if the costs start to exceed your initial budget. We will work with you as much as possible to make your dream a reality.

Get the Most Bang for Your Buck! We are the most affordable outdoor lighting services in Austin that offers premium design and professional landscape lighting installation.

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